Going On A Posh Dinner Date? Here Are A Few Head Turning Statement Hairstyles You Must Try

If a posh date night is only hours away and you still don’t know what to do with your hair, this mini guide on how to address your tresses for head turning impact is all for you. Let’s start by saying that age has got nothing to do with the style you choose, but the shape of your face, the length of your hair and of course of your personal preference that can go all the way from classic to ultra modern or even quirky for that matter.


Short Hair

If you sport short hair you can take a clue or two from Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, Ellen DeGeneres and Emma Watson that have done complete justice to short hair while keeping things absolutely classy. Pixie, Bob and Lob are currently ruling the world of celeb styles that, when approached with a touch of highlights and even balayage for that matter, can cast a memorable impression on your date. All you got to do is book a session with your stylist and create a timeless look that will be worthy of the red carpet.

Professional hair colorist Del Mar CA and other top stylists in prime locations have already catered to short hair date night wonder that are not only affordable and approachable but totally worth the time and cost.


Mid Length

Ladies with mid-length hair are always at an advantage mostly because there is an entire universe of hair styling options that you can play with. Curls, waves and poker straight held in place with pins and bands; messy bun, face-framing bangs and braids to define your features; and all this topped with charming accessories to add to subtle sensuous appeal are but a few to mention. As has been expressed by top professionals of hair extensions Del Mar CA, adding a pop of color or shade with hair extensions can make you stand out in the crowd naturally without having to bank on the bling.



Beauty through centuries has been defined eloquently with long luscious tresses. Therefore, if you have managed to maintain strong healthy long hair in the otherwise environmentally challenging 21st century, be rest assured, there is very little you will need to convince your date as far as your devotion to health and style is concerned. On the flipside though, you don’t want your tresses to flavor your soup making it very necessary to style it the right way, which considering the length may take professional assistance.


At present, top providers of hair makeovers like hair salon Del Mar CA, offer exquisite and innovative hair styling solutions at affordable prices that can be approached very easily for instant dinner date remedy. Alluring high / side buns, boho braids, side swept waves are only a few among the treasure-trove of options that you can consider. If you are having difficulty in choosing though, you can leave it all to the professionals that suggest the most suitable styles that can bring out your best beautiful.

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