Throw back Pics

Early Days at the salon 1998 It’s hard to believe this picture was taken almost 20 years ago! Looking at these throwback pic I can see a strong resemblance to my dad.
Photo taken around 1967
This is my Dad was a barber in the Navy. Photo taken around 1967




What I love most about being a hairstylist

What I love most is to be able to help someone transform a bad color or haircut into a beautiful one. I also look forward to getting a new client with damaged hair and prescribing them with an assortment of hair-care products to repair the health and life of their hair. The first priority to my clients is to make their hair healthy and then crafted with their desired look. When hair is healthy both the color and haircut will look their best. 

Best customer reaction ever!

What is the best reaction you’ve ever gotten from a customer?

One of the best reactions was from a client named Lisa. She came in to me for the first time frustrated with her hair and slightly depressed about her looks. I immediately began using specific products to help her achieve her desired results. After the cut, color and style, tears began to well up in her eyes. She then told me, “I’ve never felt sexy my whole life until this very moment. You’ve helped me see something I’ve never seen in myself before.” Lisa went on to give me a hug and recommended me to dozens of people. I was so moved and happy, because what I attempt to do every day is not just make people look good, but feel good on the inside!

The Radici Difference!

What services does Radici Hair Studio offer and what makes our business stand out from the competition?

We specialize in Haircuts, Color Correction, Balayage, Extensions, & Keratin Smoothing Treatments. We offer services to both Men & Woman. Our staff is committed to providing you with an extraordinary experience from the moment you walk through the door. All of our clients receives a warm welcome when they enter the salon. They are offered an assortment of beverages from Wine or Beer, to Gourmet Coffee, Tea or Spa water. This sets the mood for a unique pampered experience. The purpose of the salons elegant design, decor, ambient lighting and lively music are to create a client experience that evokes feelings of intrigue, delight and excitement. Radici integrates a swanky New York vibe with a classic vintage aesthetic. The décor is warm and industrial; emitting charm, character and creativity. The lighting is softly diffused, refined, and charming. With attention to detail on every level, Radici offers a deeply satisfying experience and excellence in all salon services.